In the past, car makers imposed conditions that their new cars must be serviced by a franchised (main) dealer to protect the warranty.

But this is no longer allowed. The revised EC Cars Block Exemption Regulation came into force in 2003, outlawing this practice and enabling independent garages to compete on a more equal footing.

It included a requirement for manufacturers to make servicing procedures and parts available to independent garages, as well as to their own dealers. So, theoretically, the car servicing industry should be more competitive than ever.

But according to a recent Office of Fair Trading (OFT) study, consumers still believe they must go to a franchised dealer or risk invalidating their warranty. Although car makers can specify that you must get the car serviced to a standard in line with their recommendations, this can be done by any  suitably qualified service provider.
(Source, Which?)
It is important to note only a garage equipped with the correct diagnostic tool is able to carry out servicing to
Land Rover specification. (see our service page)